1 On 1 Coaching with Danielle

Life and Spirituality

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

Aligned goals in action

Not sure what to do next? Here I will helpo guide you to your next action step, step by step in alignment to your biggest goal.

Relationship Coaching

Do you feel stuck in a certain relationship?  I can help you heal and recreate that relationship you’ve dreamed about.    

Mindset and Happiness

Does negativity keep taking your joy away?  I will coach you to new habits and help you raise your level of happiness. 

Finding Purpose

Do you feel you are great at your job and something still feels off?  I will coach you to dive into a purpose driven life and live a legacy of your own.  

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, And Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

The time now for you to invest in yourself.  Take the much needed time, money and resources to invest in the biggest thing.  YOURSELF.  Your  happiness freedom and success is one click away.  Take the time for you!  You deserve it!  You are worth it! I can’t wait to meet you and support you to your wildest dreams and life vision!  Let’s GO! 

What Is Life Coaching?

Support and Guide

I will listen and hear you for what is happening right now.  I will support you to what you want to have happen and hold you accountable to reach your goals.  


I will help you set your goals and make sure they happen when you want to have happen.  If not we will discuss and see what still needs to shift to create what you want to have happen.  


I will give you all the tools and practices that support you on our journey.  I will help you find the best ways that work with your personaltiy to achivce the results you want to achive. 


I will be consistent and committed to you for the length and time you work with me.  I will consistently show up for what you need and what action will help you towards your goals.  

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Are you  looking for more purpose in you life and your career? Do you stay up late at night and question why you are here and what is life all about?  Do you wonder if trying hard anymore matters, but  at the end of the night you still what to try?  Well with big questions like that – coaching is for YOU!  

Be Curious

Start with the discovery call and go from there! You are here for a reason and I can tell that you are one breath away from greatness!  

Be Open

With your Discovery call you will see areas of your life that can be healed, shifted and transformed in a instand.  It just takes the willingess, being open and the desire to make the change.  Take the time for you and more one – one sessions and see your life transform.  

Be Courageous

Take the time to open your heart.  Be seen and be vaulnerable. From that space, healing, transformation and creation can happen.  Open the commuication gates with your Life Coach and otheres and watch the magic happen. 

Be in Action

Take the time to live out your intentions and declarations.  Do the work you say you are going to do.  One action at a time.  One experience at a time.  From each one, you can change yourself, your commuity and the world.  

Be of Service

With commited and consistence growth, YOU will be in and be of service for others.  This step you will be up to something bigger then yourself.  The more work you do on yourself, the more work you can do for others and your comminty.  Keep going! 

My approach

I coach people to first get really present with the now moment.  To get to the root cause of what is actually going on.  From that space you can really go inward, look and get access to listen to the truth.  From there we together and unwind and release anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.  From that newly embodiment you can communicate to yourself and the world what and who you stand for.  To then take the action steps for more connection and in alignment to what you want to create and contribute to your community.  It is a process that never ends. You get to be the one to see how high you want to fly. You are ready now!  

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Take this session to get clear with what you really want to have happen.  Find out if coaching is the right next thing for you.  Also find out of I am the best coach for you.  


Choose a Coaching Plan

After you discovery call we will discus your goals and see what the best plan for you is.  We will look at time, finances and best possible outcome for you.  The plan will be designed so that you reach your desired outcome.  

Reach Your Goals

My purpose is to help others find their purpose so that they can live a meaningful and vibrant life. With that I will support you 100% to reach your goals and or help you pivot your goals when needed.  Bottom line your goals will be reached.  

1 One- One Session 

This one session will focus on one main area in your life that you feel stuck, exhausted or ready to give up.  The session will help you get to the root of the issue heal anything that is in your way and create action steps forward.  


4 Months Coaching Package

For four months we will meet two times a month to focus on issues as they come up to stay focused on the desired outcome you want to have happen by the end of the four months.  You will awaken new areas of you life you have never seen before.  You will integrate new habits, embodiments, and lifestyles.  By the end you will be a whole new empowered you that you didn’t even know was possible.  You will be flying high on life. 


1 year Coaching Package

Commit to yourself for a whole year and see your life unfold to abundacne, health, wealth, and joy.  You will meet with me two times a month for 12 months.  You will have accountabililty check ins.  The program is designed for a huge shift mind, body and spirit.  You will leave empowerd and aligned to your purpose so that you can be in the state of creation and being a contribution in your life and the lives of others.  


Still Have Questions?