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Personal Life & Spiritual Coach

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Personal Life Coach

I support humans to be consistent in the now moment. So that you can radiate your truth, align to your calling and live out your highest potential.     

Spiritual Coach

We all have that spirit and heart centered truth.  Learn to tap into your spark and let something bigger than you guide you.  I can help you.

Aligned Goals in Action

Not sure what to do next? Here I will help guide you to your next action step, step by step in alignment to your biggest goal.

Relationship Coaching  

Do you feel stuck in a certain relationship?  I can help you heal and recreate that relationship you’ve dreamed about.    

Mindset and Happiness

Does negativity keep taking your joy away?  I will coach you to new habits and help you raise your level of happiness. 

Finding Purpose

Do you feel you are great at your job and something still feels off?  I will coach you to dive into a purpose driven life and live a legacy of your own. 

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a service that provides you with support, guidance, accountability and insights to the life you want to create and live.  It can help you in your relationships, career,  personal goals and overall health.  My coaching style is designed to meet you where you are and keep you in the questions so THAT you get to the THING that YOU want to DO. You will gain confidence, courage and the ability to take action in all areas of your life to live out your wildest dreams.  

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone looking for more.  Looking to accelerate their goals and dreams.  It for anyone that feels stuck with their current situation and wants to have a transformation in a specific area or many areas ex) marriage, job, parents, finances or feeling of being trapped.  A coach is for anyone who is ready to take that next step to freedom.  A coach is for someone who is ready to get honest feedback and be the change they have wanted to see in themselves.  A coach is for anyone looking for more meaning and why and need support on how to find it.  

What is The Process Like?

Sign up for your first discovery session.  Filling out the prepare work .  Then after the first session we get you set up for a plan of how many sessions and how often you want to meet .  Based on time, budget, goals and anything else you are looking for.  You then have your sessions monthly and accountability check ins during your plan.  When you plan is up we look and see what is best for your next steps.  Either more sessions or group coaching or continue the same plan.  

1.Sign up for your first session

Sign up for discory call.  Make sure to have your full name, email and phone number.  

2. Fill out intake forms and send back.

Your journey begins as soon as you hit summit for your first sesson.  Congrats.  Now take some quite time with the intake form and write down whats here for you now.  Send back and get ready for your first session. 

3. Discovery call time.

Be on time and ready for your call.  Be ready for anything and have a note book and pen near by.  Your journey is just starting.  

4. Pick your Coaching package.

During the discovery call you will get clear with some action items you will do right away.  You will sign up for more sessions and find what package works best for you.  

5. Enjoy the journey one Coaching call at a time.

Be ready for each session.  Come on time and in a quit spot where you can focus and be open.  Each session you will leave transformed and ready with an action plan to what you want to have happen in your life.  You are powerful beyond measure.    

Coaching Packages

1 One- One Session 

This one session will focus on one main area in your life that you feel stuck, exhausted or ready to give up. The session will help you get to the root of the issue, heal anything that is in your way and create action steps forward.  


4 Month Coaching Package

For four months we will meet 2 times a month to focus on issues as they come up to stay focused on the desired outcome you want to have happen by the end of the four months.  You will awaken new areas of your life you have never seen before.  You will integrate new habits, embodiments and lifestyles.  By the end you will be a whole new empowered you that you didn’t even know was possible.  You will be flying high on life.  

$289/ month 

1 year Coaching Package

Commit to yourself for a whole year and see your life unfold to abundance, health, wealth and joy.  You will meet with me 2 times a month for 12 months.  You will have accounabilty check ins.  The program is designed for a huge shift mind, body and spirit.  You will leave empowerd and aligned to your purpose so that you can be in the state of creation and being a contribution in your life and the lives of others.  


About Me

I believe we all come with a gift or call it purpose or a legacy we all are born to live out.  I believe if we all came together to align to that spark in each of us and support each other to do the same, we will all live in peace.  I see that spark in each and every and I believe each day that spark is getting brighter and brighter in all.  

I am an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher and I have been a Spiritual and Personal Life Coach for the last ten year.  My purpose in life is to teach yoga and teach others and coach others to become the best versions of themselves.  

Over the last ten years I have supported people to overcome obstacles that they didn’t think were possible to heal areas of their life they never wanted to look at and live out their wildest dreams.  Through our work together you will awaken to what has holding you back, create action steps to move forward, connect to your purpose and live it out loud and proud.  

What matters most to me is people and being outside.  I am called to be with for and consistently show up for others.  We are born to be joyous with our head turned towards the sun.  I am here to support you to find your consistent joy, purpose and freedom.   

My way of coaching will set you on your path.  You will instantly see the next step to take and you will take if feeling ready, empowered and excited.  It is a journey that not everyone takes and once you start you’ll never look back.  This journey is yours to take, create and call forward.   

Lets make some MAGIC!  



“Danielle is a remarkable Coach.  She is able to lead clients through their own self-inquiry with accountability and respect. She intuitively knows when clients need a nudge to move beyond their comfort zones, but also allows clients to find their progress on their own timelines.”

– Angie G. 

“I felt enormously supported…Physical, mental and emotional challenges broadened my sense of self and showed me parts of myself that I had not noticed before and benefited greatly from knowing. Danielle is a gifted Coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a journey into themselves…”

– Chris J. 

“Danielle is a skilled Coach. She is energetic and genuine. She will offer you the tools and support to foster your own confidence as a leader in your life.”

– Margaret T. 

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